Personal Effectiveness

You are energetic, shrewd and analytical with plenty of knowledge to draw on when putting your work into context. We’ll harness your natural talent and teach you all we know about law as a business, helping you to put your studies into practice.

Professional Communication

We’ll show you how to hone this craft; but you’ll already be able to walk into a room and converse confidently with people – clients and colleagues. Law requires you to relate with others on their terms, while holding yourself to a high standard.


Drive for Achievement

There’s no challenge you can’t tackle. You strongly believe every problem has a solution and will learn whatever it is you need to the job. Once you’ve completed it, you begin planning for your next challenge.

Leading Self & Others

Rising to the occasion and helping others to do the same. You have what it takes to command a project, but always listen to others and encourage them to take their ideas further. Everything you do is to support the team, and you understand that is ultimately what will bring you success.

Future-facing Lawyer

The future excites you. Technology, business and global affairs all interest you – especially the ways in which they interconnect. You’ll see first-hand how they do just that at CMS and it will drive you to achieve.

Relationship Building & Commercial Awareness

How your peers see and feel about you matters. You are always ready to lend a hand to colleagues, and you’re determined to get to the root of what a client is asking you – because you want their trust and understanding.

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