Legal Cheek STEM Law Fair

Legal Cheek’s virtual event for science, technology, engineering and maths students interested in legal careers features lawyers and graduate recruitment teams from leading London-based global law firms.

It commences with panel discussions with lawyers who will share their experiences of how they became lawyers after originally studying STEM subjects. They will explain too how their STEM backgrounds have helped them in their legal careers.

As the legal profession embraces new technology to become more efficient, those who possess a combination of legal and tech skills have found themselves in high demand. Over the years ahead, these multi-skilled STEM lawyers will have an important role to play as law firms re-imagine their traditional structures to accommodate artificial intelligence and other lawtech.

After the panel discussion there will be a virtual law fair with the above firms. A host of trainee solicitors with STEM backgrounds will be on hand to chat informally about their career journeys to date.

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Date & time
18th November 2021, 4pm-6:30pm

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