CMS PRIME Work Experience to CMS Trainee


11th October 2018 | 15:11


In 2014 I was given my first insight into the world of law through the CMS PRIME work experience scheme which opens its doors to disadvantaged young people like me in the name of advancing social mobility. My experience was incredibly enjoyable and informative, helping me to affirm my aspirations to become a lawyer.

I maintained a keen interest in the firm from then on — CMS continued to impress with exemplary university outreach events and its valuable impact on its local communities through CR initiatives. This prompted me to apply for the CMS Academy, a pioneering three-week programme which imbued in me a newfound understanding of the industry. I’m now really looking forward to starting as a Trainee with CMS in 2020 and working with some of the amazing friends I made during my internship.

It feels incredibly ‘full circle’ that I’ll be working with the firm which gave my first real insight to the profession when I was only 16.

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